Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Home Prices Rose in Most Major Cities in August -

Nice map graphic of 20 major cities

Home Prices Rose in Most Major Cities in August -

U.S. Home Prices Up for a 3rd Month -

Stability is first step to bottom.

U.S. Home Prices Up for a 3rd Month -

Huntersville, North Carolina - Information Site, Homes for Sale, Information & Links

Huntersville, North Carolina - Information Site, Homes for Sale, Information & Links 

Huntersville Image

Huntersville, North Carolina Information Page full of links, information and all things Huntersville, North Carolina.

Huntersville North Carolina, the town directly north of Charlotte NC in       Mecklenburg County is one of the premier southern fast growth towns. Huntersville has  a population of approximately 35,000 and growing. It has some strong attributes besides its proximity to Charlotte. Among them low taxes, temperate climate, low housing costs (relatively), Lake Norman, good schools, great shopping and a favorable business climate for corporate relocation.

We have created a blog with a page of links for info and steadily updated news and happenings from the area wihich inclusdes the entire North Lake Region and Charlotte.
Also check out the article form Forbes naming Huntersville the 2nd most favorable place to relocate to:

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Premier to add 300 jobs, move headquarters to Ballantyne, Charlotte, North Carolina

Premier to add 300 jobs, move headquarters to Ballantyne, Charlotte North Carolina

Good move Premier Inc.! Any relos please call us we will offer buyer credit and put money in your pocket, in writing.

Article from Charlotte Observer:

Premier to add 300 jobs, move headquarters to Ballantyne -

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Huntersville Presbyterian, Carolina's Medical Center, (Charlotte and Concord ) make list of Top 100 Hospitals

Huntersville Presbyterian, Carolina's Medical Center, (Charlotte and Concord ) make list of Top 100 Hospitals in Value Index in Value Index. See Article in Reuters

Hospital Value Index: Top 100 Best in Value Hospitals Released | Reuters

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Most Toxic Loans in Commercial Real Estate

The Most Toxic Loans in Commercial Real Estate: "

Not all commercial real-estate loans are created equal.

In Wednesday’s Journal we reported that U.S. banks have been “slow” to take losses on battered commercial real-estate loans, according to a Federal Reserve presentation to banking regulators last month.

So which are the most toxic loans?

The answer will sound familiar to anyone who’s followed the subprime mortgage meltdown. The Fed presentation points to Interest-only loans, held by banks or repackaged into securities, as the most poisoned piece of the commercial real-estate pie.

Interest-only loans allow borrowers to pay only the interest on the loan for a set period of time but no principal. A lot of these loans were made at the market peak, get no benefit from amortization and have seen a decline of more than 45% in the values of the properties backing the loans, the Fed presentation notes.

As a result, borrowers with these loans likely will a hard time refinancing when they come due. From 2010 through 2013, about $175 billion of five-year interest-only loans bundled into CMBS will mature, but that figure would be much bigger when it comes to interest-only commercial loans held by banks. “CMBS dollar amount is low compared to bank ‘IO’ problem,” says the Fed report, referring to interest only.

Another interesting point made by the Fed presentation is that while commercial real estate is continuing to decline, the reason for the drop is shifting. Up until now, values have dropped about 30% from the peak primarily because of the evaporation of capital and a massive recalculation of risk within the industry, it says. Buyers are demanding much lower prices and higher yields to compensate for the risk they’re taking on.

But now, lower rents and higher vacancies also are dragging down values, the presentation notes, predicting another 10% to 15% decline in 2010.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

North Carolina / Charlotte / Lake Norman Foreclosed Properties - Paid Closing with New Program from Fannie & Freddie

North Carolina / Charlotte / Lake Norman Foreclosed Properties - Paid Closing with New Program from Fannie & Freddie 

North Carolina / Charlotte / Lake Norman Foreclosed Properrties - Paid Closing with New  Program from Fannie & Freddie Get additional incentives from Fannie & Freddie

Great Program from Freddie and Frannie see Article form the Ny Times with a link to Fannie's website to find homes in your area.

Lake & Town is a registered with HUD to find and represent you with a foreclosure please call or e mail for info!

Help From Fannie and Freddie for Foreclosed Homes

The New York Times

Published: October 9, 2009
HOME buyers are not accustomed to getting much help with their mortgage financing; generally, they’re happy just to get a loan closed.
At least one group of borrowers, though, could get a break. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the government-controlled companies that buy mortgages in bulk from lenders, are offering financing incentives for buyers of foreclosed homes that Fannie and Freddie own.
Home buyers have until Oct. 30 to apply to take advantage of Freddie Mac’s SmartBuy program, which began in July and offers up to 3.5 percent of a home’s sale price to help cover closing costs.
To qualify, the home must be a principal residence and must be chosen from Freddie Mac’s HomeSteps Web site for its foreclosed properties ( Loans must close by year’s end. The HomeSteps properties also include two-year warranties on major appliances and electrical, plumbing, air-conditioning and heating systems.
HomeSteps includes relatively few properties in New York City and the surrounding counties, however, in part because Freddie Mac accepts few loans greater than $417,000. Last week, for instance, the site had no homes in Manhattan and five in Westchester County, including a three-bedroom apartment in Yonkers and a four-bedroom home in South Salem, both listed for $300,000. (There were a few more homes in New Jersey and in Fairfield County, Connecticut.)
Nor does the Fannie Mae program,, have many foreclosed homes for sale in the greater New York region. A one-bedroom apartment on West 110th Street, selling for $378,000, was the site’s only Manhattan listing last week. (Thirteen homes were available in Nassau County, by contrast.)
The incentives for buyers in Fannie Mae’s ongoing program are even more aggressive than those offered by Freddie Mac.
Through participating lenders, Fannie will offer mortgages to buyers who make a down payment of 3 percent, and these buyers do not have to secure private mortgage insurance, or P.M.I., as they would when doing business with nearly any other lender.
A Fannie Mae spokeswoman, Amy Bonitatibus, said the company “already owns the risk” on the property. “So buyers can save a couple hundred dollars a month in insurance,” she said.
Fannie Mae will often offer closing cost assistance to buyers, so long as they negotiate for it. Unlike Freddie Mac’s, Fannie’s assistance level is not capped. Under the program, the average homeowner has received payments equivalent to 3.75 percent of the loan’s value.
Until June, Fannie Mae also offered to pay for home repairs during the borrower’s first six months in the property, up to $3,000. The company is considering whether to renew, or change, that program.
Also, in areas hit hardest by the economic downturn that have qualified for federal financing through the National Stabilization Program, which helps distressed communities, Fannie Mae may discount its foreclosed properties by up to 15 percent.
Most of Fannie Mae’s foreclosure incentives are offered to buyers who will use the property as their primary residence, or so-called public entities like Neighborhood Housing Services and other organizations that rehabilitate properties and sell them to owner-occupants.
Banks, meanwhile, have been leery of offering financing incentives on foreclosed homes. But Brad Geissen, the chief executive of, which, among other things, posts listings of foreclosed homes, said that in his discussions with banking executives, banks appear ready to offer similar programs.
“We’re starting to see banks loosen up on financing and consider a number of different incentive programs to move their inventory,” Mr. Geissen said. “I know a number of banks who are getting ready to release programs like this, between now and the end of the year.”

Mortgages - Help From Fannie and Freddie for Foreclosed Homes -

Mortgages - Help From Fannie and Freddie for Foreclosed Homes

Mortgages - Help From Fannie and Freddie for Foreclosed Homes -

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Robbins Park Homes, Cornelius, NC

Robbins Park Homes, Cornelius, North Carolina (edit/delete)

Robbins Park Homes, Cornelius, North Carolina will benefit from a great location.

The developing Robbins Park Subdivision, a Simonini project on West Catawba Ave Cornelius,  has what I
believe something that will distinguish from most of its competition. The number one component to real estate valuation and desirability - location location location.
Its situated basically across the street form Lake Normans southeast shore along West Catawba, a road dotted with marinas,  restaurants and retail. This comprises most of the picture as far as location is concerned.
But,  added to that is the community itself featuring new homes in a park like setting. According to plans it will be almost entirely surrounded by a park and nature preserve along with a recreation area nearby featuring ball-fields and other amenities.
If you would like some information or any info regarding Charlotte and Lake Norman shoot us an email or call anytime.
Best Nick
Ps Try our new interactive map search powered by Goole Maps!